Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keshamulatharalaya is very popular in Srilanka

THIS IS IN LONDON WEBSITE LANAWEB DIFFERENT VERSION TO DAILY NEWS ARTICLE NOVEMBER 8, 2011 On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Dr.Tilak S.Fernando wrote: > *HOME* | *CLASSIFIED* > | *FORUM * | *POLITICS * > | *VIEWS | The torments of balding > Posted on November 7th, 2011 > * Dr.Tilak Fenando* > If hair loss appears to be one of nature�s blunders to some �caring� > gentlemen who would devote their lives to create an illusion vital to their > self-esteem, then could it be viewed as nature perpetrating an expensive > boo-boo? > Millions of men the world over go bald and none of them do like it a bit. > It is quite natural, therefore, that balding men tend to worry unduly the > moment they look at the mirror and find out that they are thinning out on > top! Their immediate reflex action would be to try secretly to resolve the > problem in utter desperation and try secret remedies ranging from various > oil shampoos to application of �*Walas thel* (Bear oil), salads cream, > albumen of eggs and even trying �cow-licks�! > Today men of immense charm not only fall victim to trichological torture > and financial hardship when they throw their gold credit cards to have > their scalps pummeled. Some men endeavor to compensate baldness by growing > thick patches of hair at the sides, round the ears and back, or combing > the love-lock back to front, and sides to the top, to camouflage the > �boiled egg� appearance seldom realising how ludicrous they look. > > > *Falling Prey * > Some affluent gentlemen tend to wear expensive made-to-measure > �hair-pieces� that can be pasted on the pate to complement their natural > hair to look their neatly combed hair so real and tidy all the time > little realising for how long could they be seen young looking with a > �Brylcream boy� appearance, without a single gray hair, when the > middle-age spread appears prominent, facial muscles get wrinkled with > �crow-feet� and � bags� under the eyes become prominent. > Modern day trichological techniques may sound like torture during the > medieval era, but the very latest methods cost an arm and a leg. One has > to only Google with the word � baldness� and the information one can > gather is colossal. > Many believe that the best option for a man is to come to terms with it > when he is balding. It�s cheaper and involves less work than tearing up > pieces of the scalp like layers of turf. Balding indeed is a natural > process and millions of men go bald every day. > *Hair Styles* > Balding types do go for hair styles too. For the really worried type a > clean shave is a better option. It has in fact turned out to be a vogue at > present apart from the fact that a clean shave frees one from the > tyranny of ever having to look for various methods and remedies to conceal > a bald patch. One bit of warning though is not to fall under the delusion > that having a ponytail at the back will compensate for baldness on top! > For those balding guys, who are impregnated with a liberal dose of egoism > and self-esteem, there is a most expensive method of restoring their locks. > In the West it is known as �Wafting� at an astronomical cost, during which > process either the artificial or real hairs are attached to the natural > strands that remain at the back and sides of the �patient� and the whole > bundle is then pulled over a screen and plastered onto the pate. What an > agony ! > The original hair transplant method was first developed in the 1950s for > Korean War victims. Today numerous clinics are offering various treatments > with different charging bands based on �per-inch� of transplant and written > guarantees on the growth of displaced follicles. > *New Industry* > It is fair to say that hair has in fact revolutionised the modern society > and given birth to a new industry altogether. Today there are numerous > formulations ranging from Western to Oriental and Ayurvedic in the market > catering for the needs of baldheaded men, but not all of them necessarily > are the ultimate solution. > *Local Herbal Remedy - Kesamoolatharaliya* > Today the tag � herbal� has become a household name with television > commercials screaming nonstop to advertise various products in the local > market from tooth paste, shampoos, soap to even combat acidity and > heart burn conditions. In the deep unfathomed ocean of aggressive > advertising there lies in this sea bed a product which can only be > described as a gem of purest ray serene among herbal products to comfort > millions of baldheaded suffers. > A secret formula made out of * Kapu Kinissa seed, Nil Avariya, Sooriya > Kantha, Pokuru Wada Mal, Aruuda leaves, Manel roots* has been developed > by a Sri Lankan by the name of Jayatillake whose name should go in bold > letters in the Guinness book of Records. He has developed this concoction > after fifteen years of research with the aid of OLA leaf ( puskola) > inscriptions which he dug out from his grandfather�s archives. This herbal > product which is not advertised aggressively in the market gets distributed > among those who come to know the product by word of mouth from those who > have used and their unbelievable results for growing hair. Jayatilaka told > me it is a *Pinak *(blessing)* *as he himself aware of the misery of > being bald once. This product not only helps to stop thinning out hair > within one month but guarantees to generate results after five months and > is supposed to prevent dandruff, stops greying and eradicates catarrh and > phlegm. The inventor, himself is a living example to prove the efficacy > of his own product, being a person who was once completely bald and is > now proud of having a full mop of hair. > There are many remedies at present catering for the needs of baldness in > the market with money back guarantees but this local remedy, which was > highlighted in the *Dinamina* last year costs pea nuts when compared > with imported expensive methods and preparations that are advertised in the > internet and the press worldwide. > This discovery which can be labeled as a �godsend� to baldheaded men > needs to be incorporated in Sri Lanka�s list of budding � entrepreneurs� > and recognized through the annual prize giving ceremony organized by the > chamber of commerce.


  1. Great invention for hair medicine . It is called Kesamoolatharalaya. The inventor is in Meetiyagoda via Ambalangoda but since reading my article he has sent a note giving many an outlet where one could buy this preparation He is one Jayatilaka who was himself bald completely once and after doing research for 15 years and using it he enjoys a full mop now. Speak to him to get more information and get convinced. His phone number is 0094913900314 or 0913900314 In the attach note there are more outlets