Friday, May 4, 2012

Hair for bald heads

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Best medicine for solving hairloss problems.

Great invention in Medicine -----KESHAMULATHARALAYA

Great invention for hair medicine

e: The Torments of Balding X Inbox X Reply Dr.Tilak S.Fernando to Asiri, me show details Nov 7 (2 days ago) Dear Asiri It is called Kesa Moola Tharalaya. The inventor is in Meetiyagoda via Ambalangoda but since reading my article he has sent a note giving many an outlet where one could buy this preparation He is one Jayatilaka who was himself bald completely once and after doing research for 15 years and using it he enjoys a full mop now. Speak to him to get more information and get convinced. His phone number is 0094913900314 or 0913900314 In the attach note there are more outlets. Regards Tilak here is the note: Kesamoolatharaliya Having read my article the inventor himself has sent me the following: Dr. Tilak, Thanks for your intelligent action for the true product which gives honour to Sri Lanka in the world. If you see the internet , you can see how many hair web sites in the internet, we can understand that the people in the world how interested are to find medicines for hair. After experiencing the results of our great product, it brings honor to Sri Lanka surely. Dr Tilak, you can give my telephone numbers , email to those people and also you can give your contact number to contact I can send those people this product or they can buy it , from : G,L,W,A Jayathilaka, Guruwattha walawwa, Meetiyagoda, Ambalangoda, Srilanka, tel---0913900314 or 0775507381 or my or Sale shop-----industrial development board, Katubaddha, Moratuwa, or Sales team, Commpanncha veediya, ( Slave Island) Colombo or United Pharma, Galle, United Pharma, Kaluthara, United Pharma, Mathara, Leo Pharmacy, Galle, Rajapakksha Medicals, Aluthgama, Aurvehda osuhala, in front of cargils, Aluthgama, Suryaloka osuhala, near clock tower, Baddegama, or Green herbal products private limited, Guruwattha walawwa, Meetiyagoda, Ambalangoda, Srilanka. Thanks Dr Tilak for your great work for the people in the world. . Here is the inventor, G.L.W.A Jayathilaka